Saturday, January 26, 2013

Discoveries. Definitions.

I just discovered that if you keep hurting the same part of your body over and over again, eventually the nerve endings there, would all die. In short, you'll stop feeling the pain and become numb. The thought is pretty morbid at one level. On another level, it just a change of state. On another level, its a lesson on life, death and existence. On another, its hurt and pain and even murder.
Oscar Wilde wrote that it's not that certain writers just write about grim, morbid things. They are writers. They can write whatever they want to. It is just choice they make. Some only chose to write the grim bit because after all...someone will have to.
I am still trying to understand it. Cant say I understand it completely. But whatever little understanding I possess of it...I think it somewhere makes me feel better. I have always struggled with writing fake-happy stuff. It just never comes out right.
I also feel it is ok to feel sad. I don't think there is anything wrong with it. It is the hypocrisy of happiness that I have a problem with. Where people live in a strange denial. Where they feel if they force happiness on themselves...they will be happy. Not just this...they even try to force it on others sometimes.
I think I am still learning my definitions of many of these words in the dictionary that I thought I had already learnt about in my school textbooks. Seems like I learnt them...didn't quite understand them.
To new beginnings, learnings and discoveries...
Happy New Year to all reading this.