Thursday, December 27, 2012

Do you love me as much?

Each soul is born with some sort of purpose. Or at least some sort of a plan, if not purpose.
For everyone else it can be whatever they choose. For me, I think, it is the discovery of relationships. Of human beings. Of how people feel and moreover how deeply they feel what they feel. I know how completely I immerse myself in feelings. I never allow myself to not feel something. Good or bad. Pain or joy. Tears. Pricks. Healing. Silence. Disappointments. Ego. Pride. Failure. Success. Courage. Fear. Everything. I never escape the joy of 'feeling' something, of actually being able to experience it. It makes me feel alive. I wonder if others feel all of this too. For instance I know I haven't met anyone till date who loves the way I love. But then again, love can not be quantified or even expressed by everyone alike. I don't know if people really fear something if they fear. Or pride something as much or experience pain with the same intensity as I do. I don't know if people feel cheated or let down the same way as I do. If they do happen to feel all of that, just the same way I do, I don't think they'd have the courage to let anyone down. Or hurt them. Or even have the courage to watch them cry. They'd love infinitely and never let anyone go. What is love if its definition changes from person to person? Isn't cold and cough the same for every one? Isn't cancer alike for us all? Then why are feelings and emotions and their intensities according to individual conveniences? Why can't it all be alike? Homogeneous? Isn't that how it's supposed to be?

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